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Welcome to Champions Martial Arts !

About Us:

Hi, my name is Carlos Tearney, owner of Champions Martial Arts in Syracuse, NY, and I want to welcome you to our website!

We have been honored to be able to serve the Syracuse area for years, and we'd be even more honored to be able to serve you and your family.

At Champions Martial Arts , we wholeheartedly believe that Martial Arts training can change lives. From increased Fitness levels and Quality of Life for Adults, to greater Confidence and Self Esteem for Children, we’ve seen firsthand the benefits that people receive from Martial Arts training, and we want to share those benefits with you!

So take a moment to look around our website; we offer multiple programs to fit your needs. If you see something you think might benefit you or your family, we encourage you to enroll for a No Obligation Trial.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Kids Programs

Kids Martial Arts classes build Confidence, Focus and Self-Esteem for Children of all Ages. Kids love the "ninja" moves, and parents love the Life Skills

Adult Programs

Our Adult Programs help you Lose Weight, Build Muscle, Get Fit and Feel GREAT. Plus, they're a TON of Fun!

Daycare Alternatives

CITY Parents no longer have to rely on Daycares for their children's formative, ultra-important time away from home. Kids and Parents alike love our fitness focused Childcare Alternatives!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1

    Can I try Class before I sign up?

    Yes! Our No Obligation Trial really is "No Obligation". We want you to be sure that what we offer and what you need are congruent. If so, you are welcome to become a member after your trial is up.

  • 2

    Do I need to be in shape to enroll for Adult classes?

    No! Although we definitely suggest maintaining an active lifestyle, if you haven't exercised in years, many of our classes will still be accessible. Once you're good at them and getting closer to your goals, you'll be able to increase the intensity and try harder classes. Before you know it, you'll be looking and feeling fantastic.

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    How Often Should I Attend Class?

    As much as you'd like! We see the most success with at least 2 classes per week. Because we have membership options with unlimited class attendance, many members are here 3-5 or even 6 days a week. That's not necessary but the more you attend, the better your results!

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    Do I have to sign up for a certain period of time?

    That entirely depends on your level of commitment, and how much you're enjoying classes. If you're a not sure yet that our classes are right for you, you're not required to stay for a period of time, but if you're loving it and have a goal of achieving Black Belt, we have programs that will get you there!


What Our Members Have To Say

We think our Programs ROCK! But what about actual Members?

Champions Martial arts is the greatest decision I made for my son. Carlos and his team are so great with the kids. Makes us feel like family. Thank you for everything Champions!!!

Kelly Blaich

My son loves Champions Martial Arts and I would like to thank Renschi Carlos for being such a strong influence on his life! He always was a shy kid, and although he is highly intelligent he would struggle in the classroom, socially, academically and with staying on task. He often quit things if they were not easy for him (violin, baseball, basketball, etc). Since starting 2 1/2 years ago he has gained the confidence he needs to make more friends and to try new things, he never gives up and he cannot wait to earn his black belt someday! He has been on high honor roll all year in 6th grade and he is always being praised by adults for his good manners and respectful behavior. Carlos teaches the kids to "Be Awesome", to believe in themselves and that they can do anything if they put their mind to it! And he makes class a lot of fun too! I am so happy we chose Champions Martial Arts for my son and I always recommend them to my friends!

Bridgid McDonald

If you are looking to challenge yourself and get to the next level of fitness or even if you are a beginner like I was, Renshi Carlos and his awesome team will motivate you to accomplish your goals. I am in awe, watching my son evolve into a confident, respectful and courageous athlete at this dojo. I joined the Mixed Martial Arts and K-fit classes 9 months ago while I struggled with knee & foot pain - that was 16 lbs ago. Not the youngest in my class, today I am stronger, pain free & so energetic as I look forward to my next level of fitness at Champions Martial Arts.

Yvonne Dicaire Martin

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